Jeff Greenberg, Founder & President

Jeff Greenberg, Executive Director

Our Founder and President has been working in Food Manufacturing since 2007. Prior to starting The Kitchen Coop Jeff worked 11 years as a management consultant for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and his own firm ergility | smart process solutions.  Jeff’s consulting work with food companies, ranging in size from $200K – $32M and 3 – 350 employees, formed the foundation of the systems and philosophy on which The Kitchen Coop has been built.

Prior to founding ergility, Jeff was the VP of Operations and Plant Manager for Circle Graphics, a pioneer in the digital printing industry.

Jeff has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS in Economics (Real Estate Finance) from the Wharton School of Business, and an MA in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Colorado where he studied judgment and decision-making.

Jeff has lived in the Denver/Boulder area since 1999 and enjoys racquet sports, woodworking, yoga, and cycling—and he still loves his NY JETS despite his 20+ year absence from his birthplace  and their 40+ year absence from the Superbowl.

What I love about food

“Oddly enough, the kitchen is a place where I much prefer experiment over regiment. I love to take the core of a recipe and substitute different flavored or textured ingredients base on what’s in the cupboard.  I rarely make the exact same thing twice … something that I’d vehemently strive against in a commercial setting.”

What I love about the local food industry

“I love the concurrent application of creativity and discipline. Making good-tasting food for a discerning market requires creativity and a willingness to try something new. Making good food safe and affordable for a health-conscious consumer requires discipline and a commitment to excellence.”

How do I create an ideal work environment at TKC?

As CEO my daily preoccupation is thinking of ways to make everyone’s life easier by structuring communications, mediating conflicts or dispelling confusion.  On a more personal note, I try to set the tone where everyone can speak freely and honestly.  Promoting open communications amongst the team engenders good communication with brand partners and suppliers, which makes our work so much more pleasant.

What is your favorite success story while working at TKC?
A friend had referred me to a brand owner who worked outside our core domains of baked goods and nut products.  He called in a panic that his current co-manufacture was having a hard time making 50 pounds per week of his new product.  We agreed to move production to the Coop and within 2 months we were producing more than 50 pounds per shift, within 5 months we were up to 300 pounds per shift.  With that he was able to secure a nationwide Whole Foods exclusive within the first year.  The brand graduated on to a co-manufacture specializing in chocolate candies and two years later they were a $10 million brand telling everyone that they would not have done it without us.  Thank you, Andy Golman and Simeon Margolis of Good Day Chocolate