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Successful Clients = Successful Manufacturer

Every business has customers that really fit in its wheelhouse. And there are others that might not fit so well. For products easy and difficult The Kitchen Coop strives to do amazing things for our clients.  Take a look at the characteristics we have learned align best for success.

Ideal Co-manufacturing Clients

  1. Have the financial wherewithal to pay someone else to manufacture at a profit
  2. Have a product that is selling with good velocity in its existing outlets
  3. Have monthly production needs in excess of a few shifts
  4. Have high quality standards

Ideal Incubator Clients

  1. Have adequate funding
  2. Know that they could benefit from some help
  3. Have the drive to succeed and the energy to endure

To see which of these groups you might belong, please provide some information about your project to start the discussion…

Some of our prior and existing clients

  • A gluten-free flavored cracker company
  • A gluten-free, nationally distributed egg bite brand
  • A glass-jarred super premium peanut butter
  • A gluten-free cheesecake maker
  • A caffeine-enriched line of nut butters
  • A maker of chocolate enrobed bacon
  • A top 8 allergen-free bar company
  • A seafood dairy dip maker
  • A naturally coated functional chocolate company
  • A gluten-free cracker company
  • A flavored chia pudding company
  • A paleo, gluten-free cookie brand
  • A non-medicinal “downie” brownie maker
  • A gluten-free baguette and roll company
  • A paleo, gluten-free veggie burger brand
  • A gluten-free petit four maker
  • An award winning BBQ sauce brand