Shipping & Delivery Instructions

Shipping / Receiving Hours 8:00AM – 12:00PM and 1:00PM – 4:00PM Monday – Friday.

Manufacturing deliveries, or anything arriving on a truck, addressed to The Kitchen Coop or any of our brand partners must be preceded by a Receiving Order.  Receiving Orders must be made by our team or brand partners (through our Client Portal) that clearly identify the items being received and the date expected. Specific appointments for Shipping or Receiving are not necessary as long as there is a Receiving Order. However, larger deliveries are preferred in the morning (8am to 11am) and larger shipments are preferred in the afternoon (1pm to 3pm).

The Kitchen Coop has one dock high door with levelers for loading and unloading on the west side of the building.

All deliveries for Food Ingredients MUST be accompanied by a packing list with Purchase Order #, Item Description, Lot Code(s), and Certificate of Analysis (where applicable), etc.


The Kitchen Coop at the Skyway Corporate Center

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