Industrial Scale


Our 137,000 cubic foot, climate-controlled warehouse matches our production facilities in terms of size. Accessibility to the high bay warehouse through dock high and grade level doors allows us to move everything in, around and out by pallet jack and forklift.  Storage for organic, gluten free and allergen free items is available.




Refrigerated and Frozen Storage

Freezer at The Kitchen Coop

Our 32,000 cubic feet of drive-in freezers and 14,000 cubic feet of drive-in coolers provide ample storage for both ingredients and finishedgoods.  Our divided dry storage, frozen storage and cool storage areas allow for segregated warehousing of organic, allergen free, and other ingredients that require sequestering.  Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are available within the Production rooms for in-process, climate controlled, temporary storage.




Secure Storage

Warehouse services at The Kitchen Coop

Only our operator can remove goods from the warehouse, so risks of “involuntary sharing” are mitigated.  In addition, special lockable storage can be arranged for proprietary equipment, ingredients or materials for an additional fee.





Warehouse Services


Our warehouse operator handles all receiving, picking and stocking of all ingredients, materials and products.  Clients schedule receipts &pick-ups using our online system and our operator inspects shipments, receives goods and puts them in storage or inspects truck trailers before they leave with our Clients’ precious product.  A similar process is used for production staging whereby clients schedule delivery of pallets of raw materials to the kitchen in time for production.

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