The Kitchen Coop Collaborative Manufacturing

The Roosting Process

The Roosting Process is our way of ensuring that our clients’ goods are manufactured to the highest standards of product quality, food safety, and cost efficiency. The Kitchen Coop has worked with dozens of companies to commercialized their operations and employs The Roosting Process to make sure we cover every base. Before jumping into production, our staff works with each client to develop programs for food safety (HACCP/PSM), product quality, and cost management.

Professional preparation enables us and our clients to make the most of Test Runs, dialing in the processes to make the products safely, reliably, and profitably.

Food Safety

For many young companies, the rewards of a successful food brand are enticing, so much so, that the risks are too often overlooked. Food is serious business. Food has the capacity to make people sick. But experienced food companies know how to manage those risks, and minimize exposure. The Kitchen Coop helps all its companies establish a food safety program (often called a HACCP Plan).

Materials Sourcing

The Kitchen Coop does not purchase materials to resell at a profit. The Kitchen Coop manages sourcing on behalf of its client for ingredients and packaging. Our collective procurement services leverage the purchasing power of our entire client base and aggregate logistics to provide savings to our clients. Plus our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that The Kitchen Coop stands behind our clients in dealing with the unavoidable foibles of the food supply chain to make sure clients have what they need when they need it at a cost that works.

Inventory Management

All food companies must manage ingredient and packaging materials and costs, but young businesses are often unable to afford the time or software to do this properly. The inevitable result is that the company runs short of one critical ingredient or item that voids a production run, leaving expensive personnel sitting idle and a customer upset and out of stock.

The best way to avoid running out of vital supplies is by using a strong inventory management system. The Kitchen Coop has built a custom platform to help The Kitchen Coop & its clients to manage raw material and finished good inventory, translating finished goods forecasts and safety stock plans into raw material purchase orders, which The Kitchen Coop uses to communicate with each of its clients’ suppliers. TKC’s consigned inventory model combined with its inventory management services, preserves product quality by guaranteeing inputs, while protecting product availability by keeping sufficient materials at the ready.

Cost Modeling

As part of our Roosting process, The Kitchen Coop takes an open and honest approach to help clients understand the costs of producing and packaging their products, whether Client or Co-Manufacturing. By modeling the activity costs and the assumptions underlying production at different levels of scale, our clients gain visibility toward targetted costs and profitability. Some companies prefer to hire The Kitchen Coop to model their costs in advance of a manufacturing partnership. That can often be money well spent.

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