Jeff Greenberg, Founder & President

Jeff Greenberg, Executive Director

Our Founder and President has been working in Food Manufacturing since 2007. Prior to starting The Kitchen Coop Jeff worked 11 years as a management consultant for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and his own firm ergility | smart process solutions.  Jeff’s consulting work with food companies, ranging in size from $200K – $32M and 3 – 350 employees, formed the foundation of the systems and philosophy on which The Kitchen Coop is built.

Prior to founding ergility, Jeff was the VP of Operations and Plant Manager for Circle Graphics, a pioneer in the digital printing industry.

Jeff has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS in Economics (Real Estate Finance) from the Wharton School of Business, and an MA in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Colorado where he studied judgment and decision-making.

Jeff has lived in the Denver/Boulder area since 1999 and enjoys racquet sports, woodworking, yoga, and cycling—and he still loves his NY JETS despite his 20+ year absence from his birthplace  and their 40+ year absence from the Superbowl.

What I love about food

“Oddly enough, the kitchen is a place where I much prefer experiment over regiment. I love to take the core of a recipe and substitute different flavored or textured ingredients base on what’s in the cupboard.  I rarely make the exact same thing twice … something that I’d vehemently strive against in a commercial setting.”

What I love about the local food industry

“I love the concurrent application of creativity and discipline. Making good-tasting food for a discerning market requires creativity and a willingness to try something new. Making good food safe and affordable for a health-conscious consumer requires discipline and a commitment to excellence.”

How do I create an ideal work environment at TKC?

As CEO my daily preoccupation is thinking of ways to make everyone’s life easier by structuring communications, mediating conflicts or dispelling confusion.  On a more personal note, I try to set the tone where everyone can speak freely and honestly.  Promoting open communications amongst the team engenders good communication with brand partners and suppliers, which makes our work so much more pleasant.

What is your favorite success story while working at TKC?
A friend had referred me to a brand owner who worked outside our core domains of baked goods and nut products.  He called in a panic that his current co-manufacture was having a hard time making 50 pounds per week of his new product.  We agreed to move production to the Coop and within 2 months we were producing more than 50 pounds per shift, within 5 months we were up to 300 pounds per shift.  With that he was able to secure a nationwide Whole Foods exclusive within the first year.  The brand graduated on to a co-manufacture specializing in chocolate candies and two years later they were a $10 million brand telling everyone that they would not have done it without us.  Thank you, Andy Golman and Simeon Margolis of Good Day Chocolate

Phil Broome, Facilities Manager

Our facilities manager has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and over ten of those years in food production.  In 2000, Phil and his wife decided to move to Colorado to be closer to a playground that includes mountains, ski slopes, sand dunes and miles of trails.  Upon arriving to Colorado, Phil started as a supervisor at the Jolly Rancher plant in Wheat Ridge and then moved to Cereform USA, a bakery ingredients and baked goods manufacturer as a manager.

Phil and his family have lived in Arvada since moving to the Denver Metro.  Date night for the family ranges from a night watching the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, maybe visiting the Buell Theater or simply enjoying the fare of a local restaurant.  Hiking, 4 wheeling, camping and other activities in the mountains top the list of outdoor recreations.   Phil, his wife and their children all enjoy playing their musical instruments in local groups in the metro area.

Phil earned his baccalaureate in Business Administration from Auburn University, Alabama and has pursued manufacturing for most of his career.

What I love about food

“Food is more than just nourishment.  Food is the heart of gatherings.  We all wind up gathered around the table before the night is over.  These are memories that will be cherished”

How do I create an ideal work environment at TKC?

“Honor the strengths of those around you.  Try not to complain when you don’t get your way and ask for help.  Also, a little humor goes a long way to lighten the load and make the drudgery of a long task tolerable.”

What is your favorite success story while working at TKC?

“My first major task upon arriving to the Coop was to oversee making nut butters for one of our clients.  Our stretch goal was 16 batches.  We made 18.  Now, with equipment purchases, process modifications and the Team’s help we consistently run 250% to 300% times that first day.”

Trey Burchfield, Service Coordinator

Our Services Coordinator has served in the military for 15 years doing several jobs for the Army including serving as a Drill Sergeant. Trey is currently in the Army Reserves. His food industry experience includes working as a commercial beer brewer, logistics manager for a chocolate factory, and purchasing agent for a food manufacturer. In Trey’s spare time he likes to run, paint, and listen to the blues. Trey also enjoys hiking and camping with his wife Renata.

What I love about food
“I love being involved in making something tangible that both nourishes people and makes them happy.”

How do I create an ideal work environment at TKC?
“At The Kitchen Coop we have a very open and honest work environment and this allows us to see problems coming and properly react before they happen.”

What is your favorite success story while working at TKC?
“Launching new products is always a special kind of satisfaction. Seeing something develop from the ground up through hard work and dedication is the best feeling.”

Karen Crockett, Manufacturing Manager

Karen Crockett joined the Kitchen Coop Team in April of 2019. She has spent 20 years of her career in the Culinary World, the last 7 of which has been focused in Manufacturing. She spent 5 years working for United Airlines catering division, helping run the retail department. There she helped grow a retail account from 16 SKU’s and 12 employees, to over 70 SKU’s and over 160 employees in under three years. She left United to join a local Co-manufacture as Plant Manager, and enjoyed the daily life of helping smaller brands to be able to reach bigger markets by ensuring their products were at the highest level of efficacy and quality.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys her home life with her fiancé Justin, their three kids, and family pets. She loves cooking, and weekend hikes in the mountains with her bloodhound, Emmelou.

What do you love about food?
“I love the way food can connect people. I personally have a family of five with three children with ages ranging from 8 to 13. Sunday night dinners are how we reconnect and update each other on what is going on in our lives. It is our time to connect and recharge for the week ahead, but we know that Sunday night dinners are ours and we plan, prepare, eat, and clean as a family. It helps us build a trust and comfort level to let us all know we are in a safe and loving environment.”

How do you create an ideal work environment at TKC?
“By creating positive relationships. As the newest team member of TKC, I am working on the relationships with all team members individually so we can make TKC a positive place to work. I also look forward to creating positive relationships with our clients with transparency, honesty, and integrity.”

 Seth Cox, Director of Quality, Development & Compliance

Seth Cox has been involved in the testing and development of baked goods for over 35 years.  Starting in the grain milling and bakery mix segments, Seth worked with unprocessed grain products as well as the processing steps that produced refined products as well as the bran and germ.  Seeing the under utilization of minimally processed grains, whole grains, and novel / ancient grains, led to a life long passion for developing new, palatable. and healthy options for the consumer.  Seth’s career has been in the building and management of food QA and R+D laboratories, as well as leading R+D product developers and  commercialization teams.  Seth was a top graduate and class president for the American Institute of Baking – Baking Science and Technology Class 152.  Current interests in food trends are incorporation of protein and  minimization of refined carbohydrates for food offerings.

What do you love about food?

“What I love most about food is that there is still so much work to be done.  We have modified fats with hydrogenation and then reduced fat only to find we’ve made all the wrong decisions.  Much work to be done fixing the mistakes of the past as well as the work going forward.”

How do you create an ideal work environment at TKC?

Once you have a task identified, start with the question “can or will you help me?”.  Once the need is framed this way, you get buy-in, ownership, gratification, and appreciation.”

What is your favorite success story while working at TKC?