Jeff Greenberg, Founder & President

Jeff Greenberg, Executive Director

Our Founder and President developed The Kitchen Coop out of his extensive background in management consulting and manufacturing.

Jeff’s more than 11 years as a management consultant included work for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and his own firm ergility | smart process solutions. Ergility is an operations consultancy focused on lean manufacturing and process engineering for small manufacturers. Jeff’s work with food companies, ranging in size from $200K – $32M and 3 – 350 employees, formed the foundation of the systems and philosophy on which The Kitchen Coop is built. Immediately prior to founding The Kitchen Coop, ergility worked with MM Local, a start-up branded food business, which cans local, organic fruits & vegetables. That experience inspired Jeff to develop The Kitchen Coop as an ideal facility for upstart food producers.

Prior to founding ergility, Jeff was the VP of Operations and Plant Manager for Circle Graphics, a pioneer in the digital printing industry.

Jeff has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS in Economics (Real Estate Finance) from the Wharton School of Business, and an MA in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Colorado where he studied judgment and decision-making.

Jeff has lived in Boulder, CO since 1999 and enjoys racquet sports, woodworking, yoga, and cycling—and he still loves his NY JETS despite his 20+ year absence from his birthplace  and their 40+ year absence from the Superbowl.

What I love about food

“Oddly enough, the kitchen is a place where I much prefer experiment over regiment. I love to take the core of a recipe and substitute different flavored or textured ingredients base on what’s in the cupboard.  I rarely make the exact same thing twice … something that I’d vehemently strive against in a commercial setting.”

What I love about the local food industry

“I love the concurrent application of creativity and discipline. Making good-tasting food for a discerning market requires creativity and a willingness to try something new. Making good food safe and affordable for a health-conscious consumer requires discipline and a commitment to excellence. “

Daragh Mulready, VP of Manufacturing Operations

Daragh Mug

Daragh Mulready joins The Kitchen Coop with a background in manufacturing, for both billion dollar tech companies and small food brands. Daragh started with Hi-Tech Plating back in Ireland, before moving on to Hewlett Packard. Daragh was then recruited to lead the operations of a Colorado-based food manufacturer, Amusemints, and later a sister company, Fido’s. In 2013, Daragh assume the role of Director of Operations for large Colorado based candy manufacturer.

What do I love about food?

Food brings us together- Family, Friends, Strangers, it’s our fabric and our common ground. I love to cook for people at home with Katherine(my better half). It is very rewarding to connect with people over the kitchen table, and to watch people become friends over a meal.

What do I love about the local food business?

We are living in a very exciting time for food and food exploration, our world is more connected and thankfully this brings new flavors and new ideas to our doorstep. We are fortunate in Colorado to have a plethora of individuals and companies pushing exploration and developing new ideas for the way we enjoy food.