• Nourishment

    Developing healthy companies developing healthy products for healthy humans.

  • Investment

    All great achievements require the diligent application of many different resources and the time for inputs to align.

  • Community

    Supporting entrepreneurship by cultivating compassion, collaboration and comedy.

  • Excellence

    Doing good by doing well. Learning from mistakes. Putting purpose & process behind profits.

The premier cooperative manufacturing facility & business incubator for the natural foods industry

What We Do

The Kitchen Coop® provides ideal food manufacturing space, culinary equipment, industry professionals, and supplemental shared services to help small food companies become profitable, effective organizations. Learn more.

  • Facilities

    Industrial scale, flexible space to accommodate growing companies

  • Services

    Taking care of the details so entrepreneurs can focus on developing the big picture

  • Collaborative Manufacturing™

    A safer, more economical path from self- to co-manufacturing

    Collaborative Manufacturing™

Local Food Blog

Branding: What’s In A Name… And A Look… And Everything Else

Posted by: Workhorse45  |  
Posted on: July 17, 2014  |  

The “B” word is thrown around so often these days. Some use the word in reference to a logo. Some in reference to packaging. There are countless articles and experts that help describe what a brand is. But whatever you think a brand is, you’re right! A brand is a collection of experiences that create […]

Success is a Team Sport: Lessons in Creating a Food Business

Posted by: Mallory Kates  |  
Posted on: July 2, 2014  |  

By Mallory Kates (In 2006, Mallory Kates founded and managed Ciolo, a fresh, ready-to-eat dip and spread company in Boulder County. From a small kitchen in Lafayette that sold a dozen products to 15 Whole Foods stores, Ciolo expanded rapidly. By the time Mallory sold the company in 2010 it had a second brand (Piccolo), […]

5 Steps to Simplify Your Business Accounting & Improve Financial Accuracy

Posted by: The Kitchen Coop  |  
Posted on: June 25, 2014  |  

This is part II in a series on creating A Recipe for Financial Success in your food business. We encourage you to read the first installment, A Recipe for Financial Success: Understanding Financial Analysis & Bookkeeping. For most small to mid size companies the majority of financial analysis is derived from QuickBooks and Excel. QuickBooks and Excel […]