An honest partner to help you grow your idea into a profitable food brand.

Co-manufacturing with The Kitchen Coop enables clients to focus on growing their business.

We take care of: sourcing, production, packaging, and fulfillment. Our proprietary Roosting process enables us to work with brands big and small to establish a co-manufacturing program that works at a much wider range of scale!  To learn more, check out our ideal client criteria.

Our FDA & USDA registered facility is third party audited and our co-manufacturing services currently include certification for:

If you are looking for additional certifications such as Non-GM) Project Verified, Costco, USDA Organic, Walmart, etc., please talk to us.

The Kitchen Coop likes working with challenges products and processes. Check out our current equipment list to see if what we already  have might work for you. We also can finance equipment acquisitions as part of our co-manufacturing services.

The Kitchen Coop is challenging the traditional “black box” co-packing model. Co-Manufacturing with The Kitchen Coop is an open exchange of expertise and excitement.

The Collaborative Manufacturing™ Model

External services                                  Kitchen Coop Supported Services

Collaborative Manufacturing™ at The Kitchen Coop

Outsourced Manufacturing (Co-Packing) vs. Collaborative Manufacturing™

Turnkey Outsourced Manufacturing (Co-Packing)

Client responsible for:
–Equipment purchasing
–Inventory financing
–Producing in large runs

Co-packer responsible for and profiting from:
–Sourcing of ingredients and packaging
–Product quality to specs

Manufacturing efficiencies compared to current method:
–Labor acquisition and management
–Dedicated production space

Collaborative Manufacturing™ with The Kitchen Coop

Client responsible for:
–Affirming Quality Standard
–Inventory financing
–Ordering in scalable runs within working capital means

Client benefits from & The Kitchen Coop assists:
–Cooperative sourcing
–Process engineering

The Kitchen Coop is responsible for:
–Scheduling Labor & Equipment
–Product Quality
–Inventory Management

Learn more about whether Collaborative Manufacturing™ would be a good fit to help grow your food business. Share your opportunity with us by submitting a Project Brief .

The Kitchen Coop Collaborative Manufacturing